🔴Full Review – Tmobile 5G Home Internet, after 50 days – pros, cons, problems and solutions

Anyone can have a good day, but what happens when you fully replace your cable provider with 5G Home Internet. Here is my experience after 50 days and a full billing cycle.

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  1. I wouldn't ever be a Tmobile customer again. A very strange 611 call with a Filipina customer service clerk resulted in a strange email with Cyrillic lettering that was sent from my mother's phone. This was followed by health data being hacked on my mom's phone and being confused with mine – family cell plan. The clerk made a bunch of weird statements about moving to San Francisco when she retires and just carried the conversation on peculiarly. The whole time the phones were being hacked. Then, while on vacation in Tahoe I the middle of the woods, where GPS can be critical, they shut off my device, claimed non payment (which wasn't true) and forced a $395 device payment to restore service.

  2. What does he mean it doesn't support 2.4Ghz? has he even logged into the modem? 2.4Ghz is the default band the router boots up with, you have to manually enable the 5Ghz band by renaming it (by default it shares the same name as the 2.4Ghz band and doesn't broadcast because of it) I understand, you're helping people make a potentially better decision but make sure you're not mistakenly lying about it, if you didn't know this then you probably didn't know you've only used the 2.4Ghz band

  3. I decided to cancel my Mediacom internet and went with T-Mobile home internet. Will save almost $33 a month. I was skeptical that a 5g based internet would work inside an apartment but it's been excellent. Other than the device getting hot and having to reboot it, it's every bit as fast as my old internet.

  4. they claim internet is A FLAT $50 MONTH OR ATLEAST THATS THE SALES PITCH WHEN YOU WALK IN ………..turns out the bill was for $56 for no apparent reason, this is no big deal and is only $5 however these these young kids did lie too me about the price………..will be keeping an eye on thier tactics from now on. I only have 2 bars but the signal seems to be coming thru in both rooms

  5. I get 3 or 4 bars of 5G coverage on my Galaxy A52 with t-mobile. The phone still puts me on 4G (which only has one bar) and neither of them work. I have to force my phone onto the 3G network just to get something usable for my data. I don't know if they're throttling me or what but it's ridiculous we're paying for the Magenta Max plan and not even getting what we're paying for. Even in other towns where coverage is great and it stays on 5G it's unusable.

  6. Peter I have been watching you for years wonder if you can help me I have a T95K Pro Android TV Box 2GB S912 I am looking for the firmware for this box can you point me in the right direction to download the .img file. Thank you in advance for your help.

  7. I have a strong signal at my home. 4 bars is the best I could do in the house. Had the service for a month now. Very satisfied with the service.

    Frontier of course tried to match, but as usually it's base cost + fees and taxes and a 12 month contract and only because I called them. They would have happily billed me at the old rate forever. No thanks. Very happy to have more options beyond Frontier and Spectrum.

    I have mine with the Wi-Fi disabled and put a small USB fan on it for active cooling. I have a unifi network for my wifi

  8. Okay this t-mobile 5g home internet is this only going to work on your wi-fi what about if I plug in a 2.4 ghz one ethernet cable on those one connection will it work cause I got a lot of
    smart light switch and plugs that can only run on 2.4 that why like to use the ethernet cable to plug in my Eero

  9. I took the plunge based on your video and went in with very low expectations. I have been stuck on Spectrum and getting about 200 mbps while they dry rape my wallet. I plugged this in 2 days ago connected my phone to it’s wifi and immediately pulled 700 mbps. Spectrum is gone and my home internet is a blast now.

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