10 Countries with the fastest internet speed in Africa

10 Countries with the fastest internet in Africa – As Africa gears up towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the role of Internet of Things towards achieving this aim cannot be overemphasized, thus the need for improvement in ICT infrastructure across the continent. Africa is fast developing, however, not equally, as some countries have commendable and reliable internet provider with the fastest internet speed in Africa. This has greatly influenced economic, financial, social, and general activities in those countries.
Contrary to the traditional assumption that the continent is still in the stone age, data has shown more than 40% of the African continent has access to internet connectivity. Although this represents only 11.5% of the world’s Internet access, Africa’s telecommunication industry is growing faster, considering this figure was only 4% just a few years back.
Nigeria being the most populous country on the continent has the highest internet usage in Africa. However, the largest Economy in Africa doesn’t rank as number one, when it comes to the fastest internet speed on the continent. So which countries have the fastest broadband internet on the continent. Our video today will look into the 10 countries with the fastest internet in Africa.

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