10 Times Keanu Reeves BROKE the Internet

At E3, Keanu Reeves stole our hearts and broke the internet when he called us breathtaking! But that wasn’t the first time he proved he was the best boy of the internet! Here are 10 Times Keanu Reeves Broke the Internet! What’s your fav moment?

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  1. Its simple really. Keanu is as humble as you can get, which is rare for an A list celebrity. He has a heart of gold, yet it seems like there is sadness behind that smile of his. Anyone ever notice that when someone pays him a compliment he gets really uncomfortable. Also, hes Canadian. Just like Ryan Reynolds another kind, humble soul.

  2. Why this bit of info didn't make it into the video, I have no clue about, but Its been said that Keanu after they finished Matrix 2 and 3, that he gave away $75 million of his salery to be shared with all of the filmcrew…. not only that, but he proceeded to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle for each of the 12 stuntdoubles from Matrix 3. Now THAT is a man that doesn't care about anything but making his fellow humans happy. Keanu Reaves for President!!! (and I'm not even American. 😛 )

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