15,000 pound horse – internet drama part 5

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Hahaha my horse broke my toes
Oh dang
She weighs over 15,000 pounds
Nope add another 0 too that
There’s no way she can be that much..
We got papers on her telling us her weight
The record for weight is 3336 in England

Okay well this horse isn’t from here Abby
You can’t be calling me a lair
When I have damn papers in this bitch.
And you sure don’t know everything about a horse honey
So kinda get over yourself

Your calling me a lair
Thatz real funny don’t you think.
You haven’t even seen this horse
This horse is bigger and huger then any horse I’ve own
And she 10x the size of yours


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  1. "Oh dang" and 'Abby's' facial expressions crack me up. These videos are brilliant. I showed 3 of them to people at the office. Sometimes i just walk past someone's desk and hear them singing "Good evening, is this available", "oki well this horse isn't from here, Abby" or "She stole my broccoli…"

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