2 Money Ledgers amp Bitcoin

2. Money, Ledgers & Bitcoin

MIT 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018
Instructor: Prof. Gary Gensler
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In this lecture, Prof. Gensler discusses the history of money, ledgers, fiat currency, central banking, early digital money, and mobile payments.

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  1. Outstanding course Gary, you understand blockchain better then any one in gvt yet once you become chairman of the SEC the bureaucracy mindset took over. Your zeal to over regulate the industry, stiffle innovation will not succeed. You are squandering your chance to become a transformative leader. With or without you, the industry going to revolutionize the financial & tech industry .

  2. Right when the discussion turns into the conduct of the Federal Reserve, the discussion turns vague. So dollars are considered liability against the double-ledger books of the Federal Reserve, but we don't know what the asset is that balances against that liability. What is that asset? How did the Federal Reserve acquire that asset?

  3. Why does modern academia encourage the idea of 'social constructs' for everything imaginable? Because they are trying to convince young people that social engineering can do anything.
    Fiat currency IS NOT A SOCIAL CONTRUCT! It's roots are not in democratic systems. People did not 'come together' and 'decide' to adopt it. It was IMPOSED upon them by authority threatening the use of force. The strength of fiat currency is directly tied to the power of the issuing authority to impose it's edicts. History is filled with examples of fiat currency having no value at all outside the borders of it's issuing authority.

    Something needs to be done about the constant mixing of leftist politics and rhetoric with basic education. It's creating very well educated idiots that will go on to lead AND FAIL.

  4. Naked Short Selling, Dark Pools, and Failure To Delivers are ruining the USA economy…. In today's day and age, with blockchain technology, there is absolutely no reason not to have T+0 (same day) settlements. Naked Shorting is being massively abused so that it's the largest financial scandal in the history of the United States. Not only that, but Dark Pool abuse is rampant. Retail trades should NEVER be allowed to go through Dark Pools. Finally the issue with failure to delivers is that their price action is not reflected into the share price (effectively stealing and diluting the shares' value of a company. This is a massive issue. Please do something about this immediately. USA has among the most inefficient markets in the world.

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