4 Terabit Internet?! Fiber Company Tour!

Snazzy Labs gets an exclusive tour inside a fiber internet company’s operations and learns how the internet works.
Learn more about the largest open access network in the country here: https://www.utopiafiber.com/
Sponsored by UTOPIA Fiber

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We all use the internet every day but do we really understand how it works? And do we know what’s on the horizon? Snazzy Labs takes an exclusive tour of one of the most beloved internet companies in America, UTOPIA Fiber, a non-profit government-owned fiber network that leases its infrastructure out to ISPs. UTOPIA coverage areas have very inexpensive home and business gigabit internet, 10 gigabit internet, and even 100 gigabit internet thanks to the power of fiber technology. We tour a fiber hut, see a home installation, and take a look at the company’s network operations room. Don’t miss this unique video.


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  1. Meanwhile I work for a fiber optic company in germany and it's incredible how little people in germany understand how necessary fiber optic is.
    They pay often 60,-€ for 100 Mbit/s for copper wire.
    We offer them 400 Mbit/s for fiber optic for 49,99€ and still they have no interest.
    Most important is that we connect every household with an own cable so they don't have to share the cable with their neighbours so the speed in up- and download is constant.

    Before this job I blamed it on politicians and telekom that we don't have better connections but now I know the people don't understand it.

  2. Heres a use case for 10gig in your home, especially as a video creator. File server in nearby datacenter with large fast storage that you ingest and edit all of your video footage with in real time. Then you benefit from strict climate control, physical security, backup power, offsite backups and no hot noisy server in your house. If I had this, i would love to colocate my file server in a datacenter with a direct exchange to utopia! Bonus if they can set it up so you essentially have a private vlan from your offsite server to your home!

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