8 Times Disney Broke The Internet

Disney likes to be the center of attention. (Don’t deny it — it’s TRUE.) Sometimes it’s good attention, sometimes… not-so-good. And sometimes, Disney’s breaking news happens to spread around the globe like wildfire.

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  1. i find it really awful, that they have you pay 18euro for this premium pass per attraction in paris, the park ticket itself is already expensive enough and even the merch got so much more expensive and its not like it was neccessary since they did not pay their park employees in the time they were closed and they still earned money through disney plus, online stores and stuff. Not like everyone else who had to stay home and didnt get payed.

  2. 9:24 so instead of rehiring the people they let go, they are hiring new people at lower wages. Four of my friend got fired and can't get their jobs back. Plus Disney in Florida has been fighting claims of unemployment for a lot of people that made over mini wage, they even claimed people quit while they where laid off lol

  3. Was at Disney World in September 2020 and loved the low crowd levels…not everything was open but got to do a lot of things without being in a rush. Also, have pictures of us in masks! My grandson was 10 and he will be able to tell his kids and grandkids that his grandparents took him to Disney during a world pandemic 🤣

  4. Since disney reopened after corvid, they spoilt it, who wants to be on their mobiles the full length of their holiday, your forever on your mobile for getting into park, booking rides, ordering food
    It will be a total nightmare for European holiday makers, who want a holiday on you mobile all the time, & forever putting your hand in our pockets for paying for rides

  5. Wow! really love your videos and your tone. We were just at WDW for 10 days. What your video’s fail to show is a huge number of overweight people pushing there way through crowds on electronic carts. I understand for the ones truly disabled or old but for a huge number of people that’s not the case. They are just morbidly obese and when they get to a attraction they walk in just fine ahead of guest that stood in line. The rudeness of many of them beeping to get out of their way ruined the experience for me. Also what is racist about a jolly black person telling stories about a rabbit? The leftist think everything is racist now, what’s next? Mark Twain steam boat? colonial village? You watch, they are going to call them all colonizers so it has to be torn out. They will never stop until people say enough already with this BS.

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