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  1. Great news Ken! Although I'm also mainly a vinyl kinda guy, I definitely don't snob cd's cause, just like you said, the contemporary jazz scene is being put out this way. It's been a while since I discovered new stuff, so I'm really looking forward to your reviews and suggestions! Keep it up my friend!

  2. Jazz was meant to be heard on vinyl. I really didn't become a jazz fan until I started getting into vinyl. There were so many albums that people said were amazing that underwhelmed me because I was listening to them on cd or streaming. Once I heard them on vinyl I understood what people were talking about and became hooked. Hopefully these artist you are talking about get pressed on vinyl because it does them a disservice if they are not.

  3. I think a lot of people don’t realize that pressing vinyl is a pretty expensive endeavor for a less famous, working jazz musician. And vinyl is harder to carry on tour with you. That’s why a lot of current musicians still default to putting music out on CD.

  4. Ken, I certainly love all the Blue Note, Prestige, etc. traditional recordings that have been around and I have listened to since the early 60's with my dad. But there are a lot of great European and Polish musicians out there that I have been listening to lately. Particularly several that record on the ECM label like Marcin Wasilewski, Bobo Stenson, and Florian Weber if you like that kind of stuff. It's not for everybody and not bebop or mainstream but it really relaxes you after a stressful day. Also some of John Abercrombie's stuff on ECM as well. Some have been released on records but many are available on CD and HiRes lossless downloads.

    Now, in all honesty, America for the most part unless you are a musician or just have that knowledge really doesn't appreciate its jazz musicians. I was stationed in Japan in the early 80's and was deeply humbled to perform at a couple of jazz festivals with Japanese jazz musicians. And I have to say, those folks really appreciate jazz way more than it will ever be appreciated here and its a shame. Thanks for the many jazz enlightenments you have done so far but there's still a lot of work to do getting folks hooked on this stuff.

  5. As a long time jazz lover, this is great news, if not ‘Big’ news. I have so many classic albums, they are the ones I reach out for virtually every time I want to listen. But I know there’s great stuff being produced by the ‘newer artists… but where to start?? So these reviews will help in making some of those artists ‘go to’s’ as well.

  6. Seems to be a real renaissance in jazz. Young musicians fusing Rollins and Coltrane with the sounds of their youth. Also, give it up for the ladies, there seems to be more very good female jazz musicians (who aren’t just singers )on the scene today than at anytime I can remember which isn’t a bad thing at all. So, yeah Ken, I’d love to hear your reviews of the current scene, both US and wider afield. 👍

  7. Great news! Good music and jazz in particular should be listened to on any media support. I love vinyl but I usually by CDs to discover new music and then if I like it I try to look for the vinyl album, and usually the vinyl sounds better (not always…) really looking forward to your videos as always!
    Many thanks Ken the keeper of the flame 🔥 !

  8. A great idea. People, safe to say, probably think of jazz as an historic music form, as dead as the latin language were it not for shiny new re-masters/re-pressings of its golden era, when clearly it's still a living and evolving art form largely driven underground due to format then, it would seem. (The maligned cd.) I guess ECM's an exception to the rule and maybe in parts of Europe, where jazz is healthier than here. (UK.) Be great to hear what you have!

  9. Have hoovered up 1000+ cd's mostly jazz, mostly stuff I cannot buy on record's, buy new and old as whether you like it or not cd's will go the same way as records, I review on Amazon as a top 1000 reviewer. The price of used cd's has gone through the roof in the last 2 months, remember keep music alive, streaming is theft. Sadly the Cyrus CD players tend to be overpriced and poorly made have had numerous, always fail to stack up to my Audio Research ref 6 and 9 SE's. A well mastered CD beats a poorly mastered record and a well mastered record woops an indifferent CD it's all down to the care taken in the recording and mastering. Thank you for being honest about what you get or not for free in terms of records and cd's.

  10. Yes please. It definitely is all about the music. I’ve given you kudos for reviewing new music before. What format its on doesn’t matter. While I do have some records and a few hundred CD’s packed away I don’t play them very often and don’t have space to collect any more. These days streaming is the most accessible and convenient way to listen and learn about music new and old. I’ve mentioned before that I will make a playlist from your videos and stream it.

  11. Great plan Ken. Other than Dereck Higgins's channel there is very little reviewing of new jazz in any format on YouTube. We've got something brand new just out on CD by Chris Laurence (coming on vinyl in the Spring). We'll pop a copy in the post for you. Keep up the great work, we always tune in 👍🏆🎷

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