Activision Blizzard Scandal Just Keeps Getting Worse – TechNewsDay

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00:00 – Activision Blizzard report
11:28 – GTA Definitive
23:07 – Steam Deck delayed due to chip shortage
27:31 – Discord pauses crypto integration

• Activision Blizzard

• GTA Trilogy debacle

• Steam Deck delayed

• Chip shortage

• Discord NFTs


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  1. This NFT shit just gets more and more stupid as the days go by. I thought the titanium cube was dumb but man. The verdict is in, the internet has given a large portion of the population brain worms. The only cure for brain worms is to amputate the cranium or taking some drop dead pills.

  2. It is pretty messed up how the modding community are given so little regard,but I can't help thinking that they're there own worst enemies considering how little regard ?
    They say that you shouldn't mix business with pleasure,yet from the dev companies pov it's business..whilst the modders it's pleasure.
    It's like game dev companies are those kinds of "friend's" who look at people with regards what use they can gain from them,rather than as valued members of a community ?
    Which sucks.

  3. You guys should lay off of criticizing Activision/Blizzard for all of their corruption and mishandling of sexual assault and harassment. They’ve done all they can by changing an Overwatch character’s name and we should be honored by such commitment to changing for the better. /s

  4. Oi lads….just to let you know that the red background with flashing blue bars you use behind your text excerpts from news articles is really tricky for me to watch as someone who gets seizures….hard to explain why but I'm sure I'm not alone.

    I have to look away when it's up.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

  5. My favorite part of this whole situation is the reaction from the WoW community.

    A lot of them are saying they’re gonna quit WoW and wait for other mmos to come out like Riot’s mmo.

    Riot. You know, the Ex-Blizzard Devs with similar work-place issues. RIOT GAMES. Lol

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