B. Simone The Queen of the Internet | T-Pain's NBR Podcast EP #11

Therapy is in session when comedian & viral internet star B. Simone joins T-Pain for an unforgettable hour of laughs. B. Simone opens up about her life journey and her recent relationship break up. She runs down her top 5 guilty pleasures from Mukbang to reading The Shade Room comments and so much more. Then the crew answers the burning questions. What happened when T-Pain tried stand-up comedy? Can you really be honest in a relationship? And what’s B. Simone’s deepest desire in T-Pain’s “button question”? Tap in, listen and subscribe to the Nappy Boy Radio Podcast with T-Pain.

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  1. I'm happy to see a female guest on here. I would love to see more. And I totally agree with her saying that people who lie are afraid of walking in their truth.

    I love T-Pain, but I don't agree with what he said about lying to protect the feelings of the ones you care about. Because if you cared about their feelings and you knew what you are doing would hurt them, you wouldn't do it.

    You lie because you are afraid of the outcome that would happen if you told them the truth. You are afraid of walking in your truth. If you lie about who you are, you're not being yourself. You're literally portraying yourself as something you're not.

    If you're not ready for a monogamous relationship, say that ahead of time. And I don't agree with people "not knowing" beforehand either. You know what you want. "I don't know what I want" is a cheap lie and excuse to absolve yourself of accountability for lying. You know if you're ready for a relationship or not. Walk in your truth!

    B. Simone is right. People who disagree are liars and cheaters.

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