Best OBS Settings For Streaming With A Bad Internet | How To Stream With Bad Internet OBS Studio

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Hello everyone, My name is Foxy and Today I brought you a Tutorial in which I’m going to be showing you guys how to live stream with a bad internet connection, as you could see in the video I only had 0.87MB/s as an upload speed which is a Slow internet and a low upload speed for streaming! So I tried to find the best obs settings for streaming with bad internet, and I managed to find the best settings best obs settings for streaming on twitch with no lag! So the best obs settings for slow internet twitch streaming, are in the video, If you guys have any questions then be sure to Follow me on twitter and DM me or simply just leave a comment! This Video Will help you with problems like “how to stream with bad internet” or “how to stream on twitch with a bad internet” and “how to live stream with bad internet”!

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