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If the stock market crash, you do not lose money!!

Clips from All In Podcast – https://youtu.be/ejW4f6liOS8

I’m Ken, retired at 38. From employee to running few companies, I tried it all. Investing in Stocks and buying the right stocks brought me to retirement. My goal my love my passion is to inspire and help others achieve financial independence. I break down complicated numbers, simplify it. I do this for free, no paywall, 100% transparency, no sponsors.

I talk about stocks to buy / disruptive stocks / multi-baggers or generally anything to do with money.


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  1. First Selling Tesla puts will mean you are tying up capital, the main issue is Tesla has a lower IV than historical IV the further out you go, so you are not maximising the premium as the market believes it price will be less volatile the further in time, and thus effectively not get as much premium for your risk.

  2. So the idea is to break even. In other words, you believe a huge correction is coming. If so, the 'cash is trash' argument is not persuasive, because you can lose 5x the value of stock holdings to cash in the same period of time. Lastly, I do not trust a word Chamath says; in other words, there is no reason to believe that he is doing what he says.

  3. I invested in a few companies that had good potential for growth with most of my capital, those could crash 80% and still have been a good investment. Then I have a few emotional plays, less than 1% of my holdings, those haven't done well, yet. Another couple of percent are mainly a load of high risk tech, only need a couple of those to work out to make this a good play. Basically just putting money into this high risk portfolio as it comes in, guess it's more entertainment than anything else. Oh did buy a dividend stock the other day, like the direction this company is swinging to. This isn't the best stock strategy but it fun and seems to be working for me, just got lucky I guess.

  4. Hey, stop saying " cash is trash" man, I like your youtube video but when u say this u r so disrespectful to the cash or capital that build wealth for you. You said preserve your hard earned capital, your wealth yet u turn around and said cash is trah. I know what you r trying to say.. that money is deflationary… but please don't keep saying cash is trash, it sound so so ignorant, looks bad on you, thanks,

  5. After following Chicken Genius for some time, his ideas is always ahead (most time) but its worked. A 10-20% crush is coming, most time do nothing may be the best thing to do with your solid stocks but some option put can do well to make some little cash. I suppose just don't over leverage is what make the whale flop.

  6. I'm not a Chamath fan anymore, especially since that interview with CNBC anchor when he said he already sold all Tesla and had been selling it for a while since the first of the year….the same time he said Tesla was the best thing to invest in bar none….so he says that and then secretly sells it all while price was high. As another analyst and writer guy said, Chamath is a story teller that captivates people. I can't put much stock in what he says anymore. I am also suspicious about all his SPAC funding this year …seems a lot of hype and ideas but not much concrete anything.

  7. Hi Ken, I watched your videos also on how the selling Tesla put works, do agree that it is a very brainless strategy and practised with my paper account too, but what if I don’t have the sufficient capital on hand to buy the 100 Tesla stocks (if market drops), do you still recommend us to play such strategy? Thanks for your time to reply in advance!

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