Brian Entin answers the internet's most pressing questions on the hunt for Brian Laundrie | Banfield

The swamp is now open to the public, and another ‘Brian Laundrie’ sighting has set the internet abuzz.

Brian Entin joins “Banfield” to break down the case of Gabby Petito and answer any questions you have in the hunt for Brian Laundrie.

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  1. What yr did the Laundrie family moved to North Port Florida ?
    What about Laundrie's medical history if any ? Or where are the other pts of the body is located at the park ? Did the Mustang have any car problems bk then & now history if any ? Or Gabby's van history problems if any ? Is the camper Chris's or Brian's ?
    Love to share

  2. In my opinion, I don't think that was Brian Laundries remains that we're found in the reserve, I think that was a set up..Brian might of known about remains from hiking and didn't say anything and set his back pack there and through his other stuff across the road..why would he park there on that side of the reserve, when he could of went in any where else in the reserve where it wasn't flooded and where it was alit dryer..

  3. If Brian did himself in, he has left his family carrying the can and that shows what a cowardly lowlife he actually is! The parents did obstruct justice right from the beginning. Sorry i cannot feel sorry for them. They felt nothing for Gabby's family and helped their son go on the run!

  4. Still tryna figure out and ask
    How did Brian and Gabby meet and get romantically involved???? Hmm ?
    Besides that I got a feeling as this search go on maybe months or years to come there gon be SOMEBODY coming forward to speak up. Its all within the matter of time. Closed mouths don’t stay closed forever!!

  5. Is anyone keeping an eye on the front and back of the house while the parents and police are currently at the location where the parents just found rather quickly "articles belonging to Brian"? There's no way i believe the parents founds items so fast this morning.

  6. The laundries fixed it so Brian's safe but yet appears they know nothing the dirty laundries including cassie all know the score about it all. Gabbys crime is she loved and believed in brian no matter what and it cost her her life. Laundries r quiet and happy and cops r laughing. They got duped gabby got killed they all happy

  7. It’s news channels like you, that only speculate and get other people to make up lies, because if any of these people are credible the police would have spoken to them, you all need to stop, barnfield you had that idiot on your channel telling him to kill himself, and you all thought it was good, sad news channels like yours gets sued because you lie, remember the Atlantic olympics, bomd 3 of news channels got sued for lies told!!

  8. Somebody his sister? Had to have bought this pos SUM supplies.. fishing line, knife, hooks, small cooking source or fire source.. I'm pretty damm sure this pos dont have the skills to start a fire small ENUFF to cook some wild hog meat and or Gator meat. If your in THAT Florida area.. he probably dont even know what swamp cabbage is, let alone how to find it… somebody is helping this pos ?… and how much money did he steal from this young ladies account?? I grew up in florida ,those type of areas can be testing to even the most skilled outdoorsman.. hes not there , if he is hes dead.. stuffed up in SUM swamp tangle for a Gator to come back and eat… or snake bitten or ate up with bug bites to WHO layed a chunk.. I mean cmon naw the noseeums can be brutal… that pos DOES NOT HAVE THE GRIT or body mass to sustain survival in that type of environment.. just a ol'Florida boy talkin… if he is ?? HE IS GETTING ASSISTANCE.. ?..

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