Building A More Human Internet in NYC | Still Connecting

One day, a bus severed the cable that provided internet to Daniel Heredia’s neighborhood. The large ISP said it would take two weeks to reconnect – he knew there had to be a better way – a more personable, community-centric, human internet.

Fast forward to today, as Motherboard joins NYC Mesh, a group building their own decentralized, wireless mesh networks across NYC, and volunteer Daniel Heredia to see how they spread the mesh across New York City and plan provide affordable and universal internet to all New Yorkers.

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  1. people gotta be their own everything with the internet otherwise the opressive facist kraken is having here also the upper hand sooner or later…. own provider, server, firewall modem , registered country (so you don get location specific infos) … and all this wireless without the need of 5G notes spread across … something that is like a teslacoil grounding based …we don t need some big corp like tesla and star link to have it all centralizied in their hands again … this will not help freedom and souverenity

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