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  1. I've had both DSL and, cable…at the end of the day when available DSL outperforms cable for gaming and, streaming (it is also a newer tech)…you just can't argue the LAT numbers (*shared bandwidth, cable, or stand-alone bandwidth DSL)…however, DSLs issue is distance. today many of the carriers are working on that very topic, and if you are lucky enough to have fiber in your neighborhood, 1G or more is not a problem. but on the other hand…running fiber to a neighborhood with copper as a medium isn't cost-effective. end of the day… like it or, not DSL is the better tech but, it has many today's world faults if you cant get it, you will have to enjoy sharing your bandwidth with your neighbors until they make it better.

  2. I thought this was going to be more technical, then looked at the total time of the video and someone explaining these types of internet connections like i'm 90 years old.
    Back in my day, around the year 2000. DSL was starting off with download speeds offered at 2 tiers (256 kbps and 750 or maybe it was 775 kbps). Cable was 1.5 mbps.
    My dial up was at best connecting at 48 kbps so this was a huge step up. I never been so excited when I got cable and was getting 1.5 mbps. Seeing web pages and pics loading instantly brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Fiber is the way to go. Cable is reaching the end of its speed limitations at 1 gigabit. where as fibers limitations can reach as fast as 255 terabits!!!! That's 31,000 gigabytes, not gigabits, but gigabytes of tranfer speed. that's insane!

  4. DSL sucks balls it's basically the new dial up….. I don't care if it's ADSL, VDSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL2 they are all inferior to Cable and Fiber…
    Companies like ATT lie and use cleaver marketing jargon to cover up they are still selling DSL in 2021…disgusting

  5. in germany we have cable with 1000mbps and its actually the best choice… ping in online games on EU server ist <10 , downloading is pretty fast best thing is its super stable. we pay arround 60 $ for a paytv premium set, with 1000mbps and 3 phone numbers. nice video powercert!

  6. download speeds
    DSL 5-35 Mbps
    Cable 10-500 Mbps
    Fiber 250-1000 Mbps
    It should be noted that for the average consumer download vs upload speeds will be asynchronous ( with the exception of fiber; fiber will be synchronous ). This is one of the reasons that fiber offers such a superior transmission technology over others

  7. It should be noted that the specific type of connector used in cable is called an F-connector. It is not to be confused with the very similar Bayonet Nelms Councilman or BNC connector which has a bayonet-locking mechanism to ensure connection

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