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Congress having no idea how the internet works, part II.
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai was brought in for a hearing with members of Congress about political bias in search results. But as the hearing went on, Congress members including Rep. Ted Poe, Rep. Lamar Smith, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rep. Steve King, and Rep. Steve Cohen have no idea how the Internet and technology works. They asked about movement tracking, political bias in search results, how Donald Trump’s image became associated with a search of the word ‘idiot,’ unrelated issues with the iPhone, manipulating search, an online school, and more.

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  1. The foundation of the internet as a whole is two users trading their IP address (Which is a unique identifier addressed to your device, that can be tracked) to transmit data.
    This is where Google have come in to play.
    Google are in the middle of those two users to make a more seamless, user friendly experience in transferring data from one user to another. Google doesn't own the internet what so ever. You're potentially being tracked from what ever website you use, what ever browser you use or what game you play or mobile device you use. It all depends on the receiver (website, game, etc) and what they decide to do with your IP.

    Then you have GPS tracking which everyone knows what that is and fully is aware it can be turned off.

    Moral of the story. If you're that bothered by potentially being tracked (because people wanna definitely know where you as an individual has been) then don't use devices or the internet. It's your choice? You sign up to that when you purchase a new device.

  2. If I'm the Google CEO I'll tell them "let me explain technology to your oldass, open source software can be view by everyone while closed source software are non-free but companies will ask permission from their clients/customers if they can do certain tasks like tracking your fitness progress or searching for alternative route if there is a traffic and all these trackings (by those legit apps) are informed to their customers/clients in the form of EULA when they first open the app. And if you still didn't understand what technology is, ask the CIA or the FBI for they are the ones who do illegal stuff."

  3. Wantedly targeting him because these ppl r jelous of him n his achivements.. soo they want to corner him.. the thing is they r in a responcible positions and they dnt even have patience to listen to the explanation.. they r there just to express their views and judgement, if that so y r they even questioning him..?

  4. Google uses wifi even when you turn it off to get location, play store updates or installs something every time it opens without any permission, google services continuously runs in background even when there are no apps to handle, they permanently fixed the battery to the phone you cant remove it, they are tracking our everything.

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