Daily Dose Of Internet | Yes My Wife Is Crying Over A Robot


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  1. Chavezz and Skitten y'all to always keep amaze me of your videos, very wholesome in your way, a very strong couple y'all and the most beautiful two are ( No Homo Chavezz lol) keep up the fantastic video, also this is my first time comment here since I never did or have I idk but yea lol. Have a blessed night ???

  2. To be fair to skitten that robot thong was kinda sad. Like scene out of a pixar movie, if she or Chav is reading this let her know that having empathy isn't a bad thing, don't think she'd be judge. Unless their assholes, then yeah their probably gonna judge you.

  3. I feel bad for the robot too. That poor robot hit the crosswalk button and everything, it did everything it could have. As someone who was also nearly smashed by people disregarding crosswalks, me and that robot have a unique bond.

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