Dam Internet, You Scary! Ep13: Random Online Purchases, Male Massages, and Saturn Time Cube!

Dam Internet, You Scary! hosts Patrick Cloud and Tahir Moore break down the disturbing but interesting stories on the internet!

Today They’re discussing, random things they bought online, getting a massage from a male masseuse, and the Saturn time cube conspiracy!!


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  1. This is what I be saying the difference between dogs and cats. Dogs are much more work than cats. I had indoor outdoor cats and didn't have to clean poop or pee. Just feed them. And they kept rodents, snakes and raccoons away from the house. Win:win with a cat. While the dog sitting wondering whats going on- lol
    Not all dogs though. And yes I like dogs, but I already have 3 kids and a dog like Tahir said is just another toddler in my book.

  2. It’s crazy to see that Americans think anything not normally eaten in the US is automatically weird or disgusting to them. Horse is a staple meat in many cultures. They’ll think the same about what we eat is weird, like blooming onions or Floridians and Louisiana eats crocs

  3. Okay, so #1, PATRICK, YOU HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE!! Everytime you bless us with it, my heart melts. NO CAP WHATSOEVER!!! Secondly, THIS 👏 IS 👏 THEE 👏 FUNNIEST 👏 EPISODE 👏 I'VE 👏 WATCHED 👏THUS FAR!!! You guys were in pretty rare for on this date!! BTW, I'm only 24:00 into it, but had to stop and type this!!!

  4. i think it gotta be homophobia or just toxic masculinity/sexism, because "women" are asked if it's okay to have a "male" masseuse AND "men" are asked if it's okay to have a "male" masseuse. So, we just want women to be doing this and men to not be doing this?
    From a hetero-normative place, it's weird to think that "women" want a same-sex masseuse and "men" want a opposite-sec masseuse. That's gotta be sexist/toxic/gender normative something.

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