Dan Boneh: Blockchain Primitives: Cryptography and Consensus

Stanford professor Dan Boneh teaches “Blockchain Primitives: Cryptography and Consensus,” providing an introduction to the cryptographic foundation of blockchains and how developers can use them to build new types of applications.

Andreessen Horowitz’s Crypto Startup School brought together 45 participants from around the U.S. and overseas in a seven-week course to learn how to build crypto companies. Andreessen Horowitz is partnering with TechCrunch to release the online version of the course over the next few weeks.

Find more Crypto Startup School videos plus additional reading and info: https://bit.ly/2ThsHen


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  1. 7:52 info: there is a Blockchain where the miner order is randomly find & also the transactions are queued as the per the request….i.e. no alteration like in Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc…
    The Blockchain is EOSIO.

    13:33 the EOSIO has reached a max. of 4000 txns/sec.. with EOS being the highest used for < 40% of capability.

    17:27 Solidity is not the best language for Blockchain. Moreover, newer the language is, higher is the risk of bugs. EOSIO uses C++, which is a God Language since 1986. C++ has been explored way more times than Solidity, be it in terms of security.

  2. Ask any audience a question as to how many of the attendees have loans, credit, mortgage, securities etc. Everyone has one, in fact, everyone in United States has one, in fact, US economy runs on it. In the Blockchain world there is no concept of it … "it's not about there is no application yet" but it's more like, in physicist language, there is no mechanism.
    Unless this is addressed, its just a novel idea.

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