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  1. Giving "Show me the difference" guy the benefit of the doubt, he had a coupon on the receipt for something like "Get $4 off your next purchase" and was trying to convince them that "If I give you this, and you go to ASDA, you can get $4 off – that's as good as money"
    NOT giving him the benefit of the doubt, he was waiting for them to bring an actual money note close enough that he could grab it and run away – but they were too smart, and kept the money out of arms reach from him.

  2. i just wonder how many people thing the first one is anything real….
    the girl with "one language is enough". i think it would actually be a good idea, but not for her reason. language is just a barrier.
    the last one. ok i know free speech and so, but how is this kind of spread of false information legal? stuff like this harms people. even if only "stupid" people fall for this, it still would be because of false information….

  3. I don't give a shit about vegans if they ain't annoying but it is actual animal abuse to force your pet to be vegan. Unless they basically vomit up meat for some reason(in that case take them to a vet)this is horrendous. There is a reason we classify animals as herbivores, carnivore and omnivore. Cats are carnivores and are not adapted to vegan diets so its harmful.

  4. I totally empathize with the nose swab lady. I first got that test in Korea for flu back about 12 years ago, and it's super painful. I think more painful for me than many people because of the condition of my sinuses, but when I got the first test in China when we were preparing to start school up again, I cursed for about 10 minutes… It's super painful. I didn't stop them from sticking it in my nose, but I wanted to. I wanted to punch the nurses and the other people in line and possibly some bulls and a honey badger. Maybe a hippo.

  5. we had a stray cat in our neighborhood who only ate vegan food,idk why but any time we try to give him cat food he just eat a little and starts demolishing the fucking plants lmao, NO ONE FORCED ANYTHING ON THE CAT, IT WAS A STRAY CAT AND SHE WAS HOSTILE SO WE DIDNT MESS WITH HER

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