ERASING THE [internet]

Spamton had enough of the internet’s b.s., so he takes matters into his own hands with extreme prejudice.

Real talk though, I think it was back when Facebook had a six-hour outage and a lot of people speculated that it was some kind of crazy hacker attack or something else in particular. That also affected Instagram and WhatsApp as well since they were owned by Facebook. Not that I care about Facebook and what it owns or anything, but holy crap that was scary to witness. The guys in my discord server even talked about it and indeed our jimmies were rustled. Would there be another one like that that will affect other platforms? Who knows, but probably unlikely.

By the way, this is a Garry’s Mod adaptation of a comic I found on Twitter. Special thanks to two people who made this funny comic with the help of voice acting. That’s why I’m giving shoutouts to the woman who made the comic named Pipca and the voice actor named @Alex Rochon Both of them did a great job! Also, I would like to give a shout out to Cally3D for making the Spamton model, and ported by Mister Prawn. You can follow these two on Twitter for more content!

Alex Rochon – https://twitter.com/AlexRochonVA
Pipca – https://twitter.com/nescartridges
Cally3D – https://twitter.com/Cally3D

Source: https://twitter.com/AlexRochonVA/status/1445438484584488970

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—- Music in the Video —-

Deltatrune – Spamton Battle

#deltarune #garrysmod #kromer


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