Future of Blockchain Chelsea Rustrum

Future of Blockchain | Chelsea Rustrum | TEDxBoulder

Blockchain is extremely interesting as used as a currency, but what does it look like in everyday use? How will the world change if this is adopted?

Chelsea Rustrum explores shared ownership and value distribution through the lens of the sharing economy and blockchain technology. She’s the author of It’s a Shareable Life, the founder of Blockchain for Good, a social and educational series, and the co-founder of Blox 7, a new economy storytelling agency.

Chelsea grew up a teenage entrepreneur building businesses online from middle school onward. Later she understood how sharing time, space, and resources could transform human relationships and exchange. Today, she works toward creating systems, structures, and financial models that reinforce our interdependence. To that end, she’s working on a collaborative Blockchain Code of Ethics to program the future with collectively aligned values. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


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  1. There is no doubed left that science is the better force for our future. The pased decades created so much money that the anger of losing priviliges might end our ability to interact to a changing world. Dominance is the threat. Nobody wishes for that unless there is no option. Even the richest people in this world should realize that there is no time to keep stucked in ancient behaviors. We all have to get back to work. Ther sooner the better.

  2. Chealsea thanks You so much for sharing your ideas for the different benefits with Blockchain.
    I learned about Blockchain on december 8th, '19. For me is a new world and I have compared it with the evolution of internet.
    My respects and thank You for sharing. Sorry for my writing. I am from Panama. Thanks.

  3. Brilliant and the best idea that I have come across on YouTube possibly ever, so ignore the pessimistic simple minded people that say humans are greedy and it wont work! As long as more believe that your right and that does not have to be true, the more likely we will awaken to a more human perspective that's progressive like yourself and this idea. If we don't listen to the ideas that are like Chelsea's then we may not have much of a future. I am going back to school at age 43 and have researched many technologies, but you may have just steered me towards blockchain!

  4. All of the innovations mentioned here are and have been possible with existing SQL-based database systems and normal software.

    the reason they haven't proliferated to "free humanity and/or allow us to dream again" is due to the one thing that wasn't mentioned in this talk.

    what makes blockchain truly a miracle is that it's prohibitively difficult to misappropriate the data collected in the many rewards and compensation systems mentioned in this talk, thereby creating a possibility for them to scale and have more impact than ever before.

    so now, we can build these systems. and when they get big, players at the top of the dominance hierarchy can't just come along and appropriate or sabotage them by way of anti-competitive tactics.

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  6. I have watched numerous videos about block chain and I still don't get it. I have a simple understanding of the structure but I don't understand how we will interface with all the new info it will provide. Also, they frequently discuss the security benefits, how will we be identified so that there is no ID theft?

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