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how bad buddy ep 5 broke the internet

we will never gonna move on from bad buddy guys! who else just can’t get over them too?! mark my words! it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride! this is just the beginning of patpran’s journey.

i hope you guys enjoyed this video bcs i had to upload it 10 times bcs i got copyrighted so many times by gmm lmao throw me nice comments yall if u love bad buddy!

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  1. Honestly this is what happens when u hire good actors who have chemistry and aren't afraid to dive in even in the kiss scenes. Most of the main ships of Gmn are so hesitant to kiss and u can feel it in the show. I hope Gmn really understands the value of quality directors and actors and not just throw in some good looking dudes who have some chemistry and then throw some budget like that doesn't make a lasting impact and most of those guys have said some problematic stuff regarding the LGBTQ community which I'm not surprised about since they're so hesitant to even kiss a guy.

  2. After ATOTS, I was stuck in a drama rut. Watched other bl dramas, korean bls, and other genres. Nothing piqued my interest. It’s only now that I’m getting into dramas again thanks to Bad Buddy (and tvn’s Happiness).

    The storyline of BBS is nothing new tbh but the way ohm and nanon is carrying their roles is just impressive. This is no doubt two veteran actors with the best director of the genre. Dare I say, they’re the best bl couple out there in terms of acting (w/c is fair to say since most bl actors anyways are rookie actors 😆).

    I can honestly see from miles away that ohmnanon will be successful so I hope gmmtv/p’aof has more in store for them after BBS.

  3. Epi 5 snapped. It's the first time I'm watching an ongoing series n it's my 2nd bl after 2gether n I must say, 2gether was beautiful but bad buddy is on whole another level. Like their acting, it's beyond words. Their acting was the very thing that hooked me in cuz I was obviously simping for brightwin. Bad buddy is worth a watch, it's so good n this episode is so beautiful, the kiss scene, I've seen many kdramas n movies n all but never have I seen such a soulful kiss scene. Ohm n Nanon fucking nailed it, take all awards boys, you deserve them all

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