How Hard Is It To Live With Censored Internet?

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In Vietnam, the internet is controlled, but not nearly to the level of China. Today we talk about how internet censorship actually affects your life.

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

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Thúy Navi 26 tuổi đam mê du lịch, công nghệ,đang sống và làm việc tại Hà Nội. Founder,Blogger tại Website: http://www.internetviettelnhatrang.com/

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  1. I wish you well. But DO learn to conduct life without the internet. I think you already know that. Just say it out loud and listen as you do. There's no "maybe someday". My boomers should understand "there's no return to the way things were". I figure you 2 glom on to that, or will very soon. But hurry. Time and geographical distance are immaterial now. Live without a password. Live without having to identify yourself just to buy bread.

  2. So you say the Chinese people are clever and masters of working around problems and make money. I believe that. Right or wrong, I believe they will learn English and sneak on to the internet….and begin to question the CCP….That there will be a great division between CCP hardliners and freedom seakers….

    What do you think?

  3. I know about the putting bloggers into jails and stuff and we're trying to work on that, some artist would try and see where's the limit of getting arrested (lol) but about the spreading religon thing, it's actually more like a cult where they say communism is the devil and stuff (while are we're still in the "working on it" process) and of course the party didn't like it. the thing is, as the law getting more strict, people are starting to be more open about these kind of stuffs. and about the Vietnamese aboard, they're actually immigrants from the war 40 years ago and they prefer the old system more, which explain the hates since the communists would be potrayed as invaders…with that said, they haven't been back here since then and Vietnam is changing real fast these past few years and they're just in denial that we're still slaves of China or some sort, idk man, it's weird and I hope 1 day we can just all sit down and talk, stop the bs from nationalists that blindly support the government (not the mass tho, people just don't care or would be sceptical and hate the goverment because they had to bribe some cops to get away with not wearing helmet on the street , lol ) and also the bs from "aboard Vietnamese" it's not like they're talking about something they actually going through, for example the riots in "vườn rau Lộc Hưng" where they potray the government as the one who came to steal the land, hell no it was not their land and they're just homeless people building their own ghetto because nobody lives there… well, actually restaurants were built at the front by the locals who lives around illegaly to gain profit from it, I usually went there to eat Bún Thịt Nướng back then without knowing we're sitting on illegal property lol… the thing is, the government never try to do anything with it and now they have plans for those lands and handle the situation like idiots, that's where the homeless was living for more than half of their lives and restaurant owners have their bills pay with those stuff and they got used to it and they expected them just give back the land without a fight? not saying the people there are not at fault too but this shit should've been done with like decades ago and the local "cán bộ" should've thought of a good solution on how to help those homeless people and work with restaurant owners , like I said, decades ago. that's just an example of how 1 situation could be so complicated and both sides are at fault. 1 protest in "Tân Bình market" and the people actually won on that and have their market not torned down, it is those times where I believe we'll achieve true freedom of speech in Vietnam one day. I'm sick of both sides don't try to find a sollution and just try to attack each other like "oooh ooh , those people are uneducated and doing illegal things, they should be killed or in jail" and things like " oooh oooh, it's the communists, let's destroy the communist party in Vietnam and it'll fix 99% of the problem we're having" …. like how tf would that help homeless people getting houses ?

  4. With all the talk nowadays about internet addiction and people wasting their lives on social media and what not. In light of all that, could the CCP unwittingly be doing Chinese people a favor? I wonder if the suckiness of China’s internet leads to a revitalization of face-to-face human interactions and people just getting out more (because they’re bored with their crappy internet).

  5. I've lived in vietnam for 8 years. When I first came, it was widely known that Facebook was illegal but everyone could access it and had an account. Every now and then, maybe once a month, they'd completely block it for a day but there was always a way to get on slowly. Police, government every body had Facebook even though it's illegal. I think the Vietnamese government cant be fucked to censor too much. Haha. Rather drink coffee and use social media

  6. Not being a dick here, but I watched your vids before going to China. Totally prepared for internet censorship. Dude I went everywhere in China, i have T Mobile, turned roaming on….. i haf access to EVERYTHING. I walked Shanghai using google maps, communicated with google translate, checked gmail, and used maps to keep cabs in check to make sure we were going in the right place. Not saying you are full of S#$t but i had access to everything.

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