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  1. If you are interested I have a small thing I discovered. The dust floating around in the attic can be removed just by running a vacuume for a little while rap on areas where it accumulates keep running for a while. You may know this already I just stumbled onto it when I worked at Epcot in Disney World.

  2. This was so exciting to watch – as you know Internet speed is one of our top boxes that has to be ticked. IMHO the lack of internet connection is the reason that MSM gets away with lying about 95% of what goes on in the world – if people don't have decent internet how can they do research – this is also why kids in many places have to go to MacDonalds to do their homework – MacDonalds offering free Internet and cheap dinner. Sorry, I digress I wanted to compliment you! You guys and Gwendoline, are leaders of so much that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. You really should be put up for some kind of awards – for years you have come into our homes with your 'drive', enthusiasm, ingenuity, kindness, humour, sparkle, intelligence, and I could go on ….. you have generously shared your lives and I am sure it has not been easy. I am sure there have been times 'down in the dumps' but things had to be achieved and you had to pull yourselves up and get on with it. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  3. We know we are well connected now, it is never uncertain with technology . Bill gates is putting in a data center here in East Wenatchee 2022. Yahoo is in the Quincy area also . We have Air Force bases and Army in western Washington. Very good federal backup for fire fighting with Okanogan & Wenatchee National Federal Forest Service. Which goes straight into Canadian tundra we think the coville tribe say from ancestors stories big foot in and out of area.

  4. Great job guys. I love videos featuring the château . Lets face it, Michal is cute and all, and the family and friends are entertaining like distant family but to me Chateau De la Basmaignée is the stair. The château is the whole reason I found and continue to watch the channel.

  5. Awesome thanks for sharing how you have this set up, I'm pretty geeky so was really intrigued how you spread the internet around the chateaux. Do you find any difference in the internet depending on the weather, especially on a stormy grey day with lots of cloud coverage?

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