How to become a blockchain developer in 2021

? Become an in-demand blockchain MASTER:

Table of Contents:

Overview [00:01:23]

State of Blockchain in 2021 [00:03:20]

What People Use Blockchain For [00:13:31]

Why Use Blockchain [00:21:43]

Example Apps [00:25:13]

Which blockchain should I use? [00:33:48]

Programming Languages [00:37:05]

What Do Blockchain Developers Do? [00:44:10]

How To Earn Passive Income [00:46:01]

Libraries & Frameworks [00:50:46]

IDEs [00:58:49]

Step-By-Step Plan [01:01:48]

FAQs [01:20:01]

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  1. Awesome channel dude. Blockchain has the potential to change the world and you are on the forefront and i hope i can get up to speed in the next few years. Money isn't my first concern its applying this seemingly bullet proof tech to new industries and feel like im doing something enjoyable that if used properly and embraced, will change so many things. Its still blowing me away the potential to level the playing field in many sectors. Thx brother.

  2. What would you recommend for front end (which JS library)? React or VueJS? I'm currently learning solidity, web3JS, and React. Currently I am a full time yield farmer and swing trader (this is how I make money on a daily basis), but I am really trying to improve my skills and my goal is to create my own yield farm on polygon network. I'm just tired of all the scams and would like to provide a safe place to earn yields. Thank god for Rugdoc reviewing smart contracts for hard rug code. They have really saved me from entering malicious contracts.

  3. There are huge advantages to building your Dapp on Polygon, layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum (EVM compatible) . Fees are much cheaper (fraction of a penny per TX) and it uses the same language (solidity). Even BSC is much cheaper (not as cheap as polygon).

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