How to diagnose a slow internet connection using tracert?

Hi my name is Roger Ahuja and I’m going to take a moment to try to help you figure out why your internet connection may be running slow at times. Okay, so I’m going to pull up a command prompt and once I have that up. I’m going to type trace route to and what we’re basically trying to figure out is where the connection is slowing down. So if we take a look at this, this gives me my router address. and I actually happen to have 2 routers. This is a second router. So I have a router behind a router. Don’t ask. That’s just the way I have it configured for a reason. And basically as you can see the speeds here are 7 milliseconds 1 millisecond and 1 millisecond. Now those are three different packets that were sent to that router and that’s how long it took the router to respond back. When you start getting more than 150 milliseconds. Like this one over here shows 655 milliseconds. That’s where you start seeing problems so over a 150 is bad. But this particular one is a single packet out of three and the others were fine. So it doesn’t really mean that there is a continuous problem. So what you want to do is look at this and see if all three packets and I would even run multiple trace routes and if you get a continuous pattern that would tell you that you’re having a problem and where that problem lies. Now you can’t really control once you get out here. This is all stuff out on the net. These are different servers on the net and these are things that are beyond our control so the only thing we can really focus on are probably the first two or three hops here which are going to be your internal network and that’s really all we’re worried about to see if the problem is caused by our internal network and if you see a problem there then you may have a bad router or a bad switch but the problem is something you can control and at that point at least you have a clue on where to address it and that’s it.


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  1. hello i have a view question for you what about if i just have 1 modem and do not have another router, because when i tracert to web.cdn.id.garenanow.com in my cmd no.1,is 1ms <1ms 1ms, but in no.2. i have * * * Request time out, and the no.3 is 73ms 56ms 57ms What exactly that means.? there is a problem with my connetction or my internet service provider or not.?

  2. I have a problem where the ethernet is connected to my computer, it even says internet access, but I can't go on any Web or anything that is related to internet. When I went on my task manager and check the ethernet I'm not getting a constant rate of bytes send and receive, sometime it goes up to 100 and then 0 or sometime it just stay there at 0. BUT the thing is I can use the Internet when I just start up the Internet, and after at few min it starts to disappear. All my other devices works too, like phone and latop.

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