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How to fix Galaxy S9 "internet may not be available" error when using wifi

Hello and welcome to today’s video! This video focuses on fixing some of the common problems for the #GalaxyS9. One particular case we would like to deal with is the “internet may not be available” error when using wifi.



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  1. The solution is here, you will thank me later 🙂
    1. On your PC, run cmd.exe (Command Prompt), type ipconfig and hit Enter
    2. You will see "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" with IPv4 Address (like and Gateway (like
    3.On your phone, forget your problematic WiFi and connect it again with advanced options, type your WiFi pass and change DHCP to Static
    4. Below, on section IP Address type your IPv4 address ( and Gateway (
    5.Type DNS1 and DNS2 and hit Connect. That's it, you have internet 🙂

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