How to fix internet explorer 11 web pages not displaying correctly?

Hi my name is Roger Ahuja and I’m going to take a moment and show you a couple of things you can do in Internet Explorer when web pages don’t display properly. The first is compatibility view. It looked like this in the prior versions of Internet Explorer. In this version it’s a little bit different. This is Internet Explorer 11. I’m going to go to this web page as an example. And as you can see it doesn’t load at all. There’s just a big black screen and now if I go to settings and go to compatibility view settings and add this website. Now it works fine. Another thing that you can do, I’ll use Kingston as an example here you go to their memory search tool and you’re going to see this many times down here “only secure content is displayed”. Now what happens there is you’ve got a website that has secure content and content that’s not secure. By default, Internet Explorer is only going to display the secure content which means that when you go to do a search here, it doesn’t work very well because it can’t access all of the information. There is an option under internet options here that will let us to change that under security under custom level and then under the miscellaneous section which is right here there is display mixed content and you can enable that. Now Microsoft doesn’t recommend this, but if you know what web pages you’re going to and you know what you’re doing you can go ahead & do it. But this is at your own risk. Once I say okay here and I reopen Internet Explorer and go to Kingston.com and do a search and now I don’t get that error message and I can search without any problems and that’s it.


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  1. I upgraded to windows 10 and since then I have had problems with IE. It doesn't want to let me watch videos. I can start the page and pictures show fine and then after browsing for a bit the pictures all vanish and it is just blank space but I can still see the rest of the content. Any suggestions?

  2. I have an odd problem. IE doesn't display the pictures or video. Chrome was. I login to the same computer with another user and everything works. Now it would seem that the IE problem has spread to Chrome. I have tried all the reset steps short of rebuilding the users profile. Any ideas?

  3. Hi there, this may be a little off topic,, however it is a display issue , when I open IE 11 the graphic (GOOGLE) is gone ,,, looks like a beta version stripped down ,, I have check EASE OF ACCESS and turned on and off nothing its just strange and don't know what I have done?  (CHROME SHOWS GOOGLE FINE)  any help or suggestions would be appreciated ,,,,,

  4. i have IE 11 and when i click on IE it loads for a little bit then just goes to this page cant be displayed and i tried to reset it and tried disabling certain software that might prevent it from opening correctly and i also tried a system restore and it worked once and has happened again and it only occurs when my laptop updates! im using windows 7 any help? thank you

  5. I got this problem:

    When i start Internet Explorer 11 it does not shows any page and just shows a white screen. When i click on the options icon i cant almost change anything. I just can't click on it. And when i search for something it doesnt load.

    Does anyone knows how to fix this? I tried to reinstall it but that did not work…

  6. I reset my internet explorer to fix the green videos with audio and it did fixed it but I have a new problem… the problem is that when you turn on the computer and then start your internet explorer 11 it will say can not display this page I mean it cant display any pages and I am talking about desktop IE11 not windows mode I need help cuase it will take sometimes 3 min or sometimes 10 min to work display a page HEEEEEEEEELP !!! 🙁  WINDOWS MOD IS SAME

  7. When I go to Youtube, I get white screen that says "Can Not Display Page". The URL is https://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/gen_204?rt=dart&aru=https%3A%2F%2Fad.doubleclick.net%2FN4061%2Fpfadx%2Fcom.ytpwatch.newsandpolitics%2Fmain_10246982%3Bsz%3D480x361%2C480x70%3Bkvid%3DmRCm0CP1xIc%3Bkpu%3DDAHBOO77%3Bkpeid%3DFjOi1ZpZVErr8EYxg8t1dQ%3Bkpid%3D10246982%3Bmpvid%3DAAT5gS_QWIf0JXGX%3Bssl%3D1%3Bafv%3D1%3Bafvbase%3DeJxdUkuTqjwQ_TXDjluENwsWiog6w_hAEdmkAkRAXpkQXv76i863uPWlUtV9zkl1dfp0hUaIEph0FLG8qU2gKoLA9XmCGxiTylSF9-EmluA-j7EJuLihFJeINdQEsiCIkgQUBYgy19HSzBgjH9LiQ1zPdxiGP1PTsS7Cf-Kmmpl34TlWJ6sSrAMYtzFXNjhPTENSVFX-EC1DBrqgvRJJBIL-Zuae3hJQVVF6JYIqAOGViKIBDC7OUF3j0nTz2iKVrAujJpxxy8CHuET3HuZ1yyhGcwdLH1OWx6iE0r8AqP97Cbt2ZiYG69cc_hO7FlOYoCxqGk37l8sTuH7scxCS0Lcp1e3bmOoMJMffGhWZ_w0Xi7OSevB43d6FXeAEv1o8K0AQZdXQxZnJe_Lmf6cNwRuQFib4jrqSvSEuZ8hQXhKUYm52j00Em22RE4KiEr9nzGWliWuu7qrZ3nZ2LWNzl6Yi6rKqKxyDZOpNPMZll2Aua1pmxoh_RZ50EQ8AEDVDNERF05XXQrwcmncAEmYuDpG0FvVBurTfLmwNGm5LjQhPz6-FfqGu-DvPB5ggpkm9fT8pnyXYOZLgPgcHf6-Yt6RROIAq3O7G0k-fPzuJLXfyxtAcCr0JqdGX9njsNk5xj_GX5XnBEh1lP3wWmyo6OMUugB5Kd0pSMP7Etycc59ZSGx8GqfbUfR7vCrpsvU1v49MjNxy28UJvf7rF4ROStVNa6HjTnduUi3wTjHt6Hcd2uq38qazW_SXQqyR_LIpl-zm0o43pvvXjnwReaYwa93LgLde1vtLpe020p2ikvRs_94gkl8fesIvUjvBKOvD-OixCeIjBKigSEvt4bX-RTtOl47Xg0zR7hNcDqEZn9zx1_J1K1-Mn0dgiUPLzfpXKuev79CzXQ0FW6XFxRV8kvQPLPp95F6mbMrKzaUm14yhn9TA4P8sxCGXg5XJ2lS23c1Pkn0_p9XvxF2vtRys%3Bdc_backfill%3D1%3Bdc_yt%3D1%3Bk5%3D3_16%3Bkclt%3D1%3Bkga%3D-1%3Bkgg%3D-1%3Bklg%3Den%3Bko%3Dp%3Bkr%3DH%3Bkvz%3D205%3Bnlfb%3D1%3Byt_ec%3D6%3Byt_vrallowed%3D1%3Bytcat%3D25%3Bytdevice%3D1%3Bytexp%3D935664%2C941807%2C932108%2C945004%2C916623%2C906010%2C922919%3B!c%3D10246982%3Bk2%3D3%3Bk2%3D16%3Blu%3D151%3Bpos%3Dpre%3Btile%3D1%3Bkmyd%3Dwatch-longform-ad%3Bciu_szs%3D300x250%2C300x60%3Bdcmt%3Dtext%2Fxml%3Bdc_sdkv%3Dh.3.0.0%3Bafvparams%3Dad_type%253Dskippablevideo%2526flash%253D13.0.0%2526sz%253D640x355%2526ca_type%253Dflash%2526lact%253D%2526videoad_start_delay%253D0%2526u_tz%253D-360%2526u_his%253D2%2526u_java%253Dtrue%2526u_h%253D768%2526u_w%253D1024%2526u_ah%253D728%2526u_aw%253D1024%2526u_cd%253D24%2526u_nplug%253D1%2526u_nmime%25……………………..I don't even know what this is. Is it a Glitch by Google, or Youtube? I have Win 8 with IE 11……..It has ALWAYS worked great until about 2 or 3 days ago and I started getting THIS stuff. It only happens ON Youtube. Thanks

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