How To Fix Problems With Your Internet Connection

This Comprehensive Tutorial Will Teach You How To Troubleshoot and Fix Your Internet Connection.


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It Will Demonstrate 5 Methods:

1. Installing A Network Adapter Device Driver
2. Changing and Disabling Proxy Settings
3. Disabling Work Offline Mode
4. Disabling Use Automatic Configuration Script
5. Changing Homepage to a Valid URL.

All These Demonstrations Work The Same For Every Browser:

In Google Chrome:
Click Customize and Control Google Chrome To Access Settings.

In Internet Explorer:
Select Tools and Internet Options To Access Settings.

In Firefox:
Select Tools, Then Options, Then Advanced, Then Select Settings To Access Settings

In Safari:
Find The Tools (Display A Menu of General Safari Settings), Then Click Preferences, Then Advanced To Access Settings.

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  1. Thanks for the information but unfortunately I am still having the same problem. My internet is install and working. My Google homepage open and the page after that work but after that it no longer work and I received Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". I have done the following:
    1. Disable Work Offline Mode
    2. Checked Network Adapter Device Driver
    > No yellow cones
    > Internet is working
    3. Disable Proxy Server and Use Automatic Configuration Script
    > Only the Automatically Detect Setting have a check in the box
    4. Homepage is set with valid Google URL
    5. ALSO verify the "Obtain an IP (and DNS) server address automatically" have a green ball in it.
    What more do I need to do, do I have to place a check in the FTP and HTTPS boxes (in the Firewall Section), or do I have to put a check in all SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 Boxes (under Advance Tab)?

    Please Help!

  2. nice video
    but i think i got some weird problem here
    internet is working in firefox but not working in chrome, edge and steam
    sometime it is connecting to net and soon they r disconnecting
    only fire fox was able to run internet and also i gave a try to all the methods in ur video but none works

  3. Catch 22 bro. How can you download it if your internet connection is down?

    By the way, thanks for the first tip. That is all i needed to know. Click on yellow triangle error on computer in Start, My Computer, Propertie's, Device Manager, and Network Adapter. Basically all one can do from there is see what the problem is and either fix it if it is possible to, ignore it if it is too impossible to by clicking on the yellow triangle notification's.

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