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How to get internet on your laptop from your Android data package using a USB cable

How to transfer internet to your laptop from your Android tablet or phone.
How to use USB tethering.
How to get internet on your computer from your Mobile data package.


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  1. Having just ventured out of the dark ages, a Luddite to the last, and buying my first ever smart phone, I have to say this is the most useful Android instructional video I've come across in the last month. My last little phone, still in use by the way, literally connected via the USB with the help of it's own PC-Suite… Piece of cake.
    I've got a lot of learning to do, as far as this OS is concerned, and this was my first major hurdle as I don't have a landline. This video gave instruction clearly and succinctly. Well impressed!! TY. Subbed

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