How Xi Jinping’s China Is Targeting Celebs With Tax Notices, Internet Wipeouts & Intimidation

China’s entertainment industry is the latest among those hit by Beijing’s increasing efforts to regulate society. The Communist Party is cracking down on scandal-hit celebrities who it deems ‘social tumours’.

China’s broadcast authorities have circulated a list of ‘misbehaving celebrities’ on social media. The list includes Zhao, Zheng and Chinese Canadian pop star Kris Wu, who has been arrested on suspicion of rape. After recent scandals, China is doubling efforts to curtail the influence of celebrity fan culture.

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  1. Okay… Talk against Rulling party and then welcome ED and CBI on ur doors. Very much familiar condition !

    P.s. i didn't mention government here bcz Government is a combination of Parliament, Judiciary, and Executive . Government isn't only one particular party. We still have a "our saviour" judiciary .

  2. This is in line with the Xi Jinping's Thought which will be inline into education systems which will begin soon and even starting educating and instilling into the young minds from age 7 and onwards. The Xi Jinping's Thought is a mandatory subject in schools and all students must take it. This is inline with the CCP and also promotes the ideology of socialism and communism.

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