I Bought The Most Banned Video on The Internet (ft. Plagued Moth)

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tags: I Bought The Most Banned Video on The Internet., disturbing media, lost media, morbid, dark, horror, true stories

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0:00 explanation
1:41 part 1: the introduction
5:48 part 2: the legality
10:20 part 3: the reaction
13:05 part 4: final thoughts
16:29 destroying the USB stick

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  1. no, it wasn't dasiy's destruction. that is illegal and disgusting. as for my mental health? I'm okay. but like i said in the video, i think i've seen worse just browsing gore websites (this one is still top 3 though, like that was extremely horrible). yeah…this will def be the only video like this on the channel. Next video we're going back to the tuv classics "The Most Disturbing TV Interruptions"

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