I Hunt Down Internet Trolls | Super Users

Meet TikTok’s Masked Vigilante, who has made it his mission to track down and expose online bullies, scammers and trolls. If you’re racist, sexist, or generally abusive he may have you in his sights.

Known only as ‘Leo’, this anonymous TikToker founded The Great LonDini movement, a group of experts and volunteers who work to stop online harassment in its tracks. If you threaten someone, they could report you to your workplace, or the police. If you’re a kid, they’ll find your parents or your school.

VICE World News talks to Leo about how he works to uncover posters’ identities, and why he does what he does.

In Super Users, we go down an internet rabbit hole to hear from people whose lives have become defined by their online presence.

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  1. And no conversation on where exactly the line is? Are we talking about ad hominem attacks in general, or are we relying on the eggshell defense? Can TikTok be held liable? Should parents use more caution in giving devices to their younger children, should they encourage adolescent children to use apps like GroupMe where identities are already known?

  2. So this guy is what? A tactical tattle-tale?
    “I have a very particular set of skills. Apologize now, and that will be the end. If you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will….TELL.YOUR.MOTHER.”

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