I take out my eye on the internet

You can’t deny it. That gold eye IS pretty iconic. Follow Rachel for more!

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/146148

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  1. I just want to say this is normally not the type of thing that I would watch or click on but thank you so much for sharing. This is been very,.. I want to say eye opening. But all seriousness thank you. This is something I never really thought about this before but I'm glad you brought this to my attention it's always nice to be educated on other people's lives and what they have to go through. Mad respect, you go girl.

  2. I'm super happy you're confident in yourself enough to share with the world. I wish we could all accept ourselves, imperfections and all. BUT if you throw your damn eyeball at me after it was rolling around in your body I will throw up on you. That's a bit nasty like throwing boogers or chewed up food at someone..

  3. I found it really confusing that in the beginning it seems as if she lost both eyes as one video is mirrored, so she seems to take out the left eye and then a clip later the right eye as well… I was relieved to hear it was only one eye later, though it was quite a shock at first 😳

  4. Unfortunately "the glow" doesn't always mean Cancer. But it does signify a possible condition.
    My Dads eye actually shows different because he has massive scar tissue from an eye injury. Pesky snowball!

    But thus Woman seems pretty spectacular over all. Rock your Gold Eye

  5. I'm not sure what about the Gold eye is freaking me out. I think just because there is only one. Having a fake eye or no eye in is one thing but the gold eye looks like it wants to possess me. Also throwing your eye at unsuspecting people is a gross prank. That was in your eye socket. That's up there with guys sticking their hands down their pants and then trying to shake your hand

  6. Also to any parents worried about this, consider another condition called Coats disease. It has the same symptoms but if treated soon enough can restore your child vision. Unfortunately mine wasn't so lucky because of a Dr who said everything was ok when it was not.

  7. Yaaaassssss!!!!!!! I am so in love with the fact that you bring this to light. I have not lost my eye but was in danger of losing it and had 2 surgeries to save it. This left it with no light perception and my lense removed. Understandably it looks different than a normal eye but my parents always taught me that if I can laugh and have fun with it first than it never mattered what anyone else says. I regularly encourage when children or even adults have questions. It's so sad that a majority of society tries to hush or even cover up when someone is different. Much love and thank you for what you are doing, you put a huge smile on my face today!

  8. I love when people with disabilities are more comfortable with sharing their disabilities and acknowledging that they function just fine like anyone else. Most folks I meet are cranky and always u comfortable with themselves around others as though they just haven't come to accept who they are.

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