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  1. Btw, you guys are doing great, if y’all want info on the rules of the copyright issue lmk. It’s easy once you understand the rules, but to keep it simple all I’ll say is, continue to watch but do simple pause and make your own decisions and comments, to do what you do, you basically have to continue to fight these small claims because they will always happen, it’s to keep there content safe just like yours so don’t sweat it, it is when they double down and try to sue you for it all when it becomes a nuisance, but again all you do if fight it cause people come to watch you react, you will win the case 1000% of the time.
    Best example look up “H3production wins lawsuit”
    They just react and shit or make there own shut up and when people try to sue he wins and wins big. Just keep ya head up Stevo ??
    Again lmk if y’all ever need anything

  2. I want to meet you Steven and your brother I want to see you my name is Ethan Palma Joseph I do videos to I do video YouTube videos to I just did videos and I just quit YouTube in your good Steven you're good like this video of you it's my favorite video of you love you you're my favorite YouTuber to you're my main people too and my name person you're my favorite person bye-bye love you

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