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Internet Comment Etiquette: Handling SJW's

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In today’s lesson, we tackle the SJW threat that has swept our nation. No longer will we allow these SJW’s to keep me from putting quotes around my youtube titles.

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  1. I'm a SJW according to some people, but fuck ME those people you highlighted are insufferable. My bullshit meter filled instantly, allowing me to perform a Limit Break which rocketed me into the sky directly into an Elon Musk Starlink satellite. My head hurts.

    Moral of the story is you took too long to get to the punchline.

    Thanks daddy.

  2. I like the Fox News guy pretending he's bothered by superheroes having sex lives at all while insinuating that gay people all have venereal diseases. Like, go back to 1970 and see that superheroes are still fucking back then dude, do you even read these? But hey, congrats on the Raycult with its High-Fidelity Dedidication to your work and Noise Isolation for your dulcet tones.

  3. Me, who has been reading the comic books for several years: deep breath
    So Superman's son Jon Kent was stolen by Superman's maybe evil father Jor-El and taken into the future and also Earth 3 which is why he's so much older than he was anyway Superman discovered Mongal the guy in charge of Warworld has been hoarding Kryptonian offshoots and using them as bait to trick Superman into coming to Warworld to free them and any others which is why he left Jon in charge who's currently dealing with a refugee crisis from another country that has treated its citizens badly and Jon is trying to protect them without breaking any laws and along the way he ran into a reporter who's attempting to spill the beans on this other evil country that's been experimenting on humans to turn them into metahumans
    Anyway, all that is to say, the comics ARE dealing with these things that Fox news is asking them to. They just don't read comic books, because they're "weird" and "dense" and "lore-heavy" and "for nerds".

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