Internet Comment Etiquette: "The Passion of the Karen"

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In today’s lesson, we witness the trial of Karen. Is she truly the villain we’ve heard so much about?

“The Dealmaster” sketch credits:
Petey – Salvia
Edwin – Zach Reiner-Harris (IG @zachreinerharris)
Dealmaster – Shawn Kohne
Director of Photography – Duncan Robertson
Cameraman – Dustin Bennett
Sound – Daniel Quintana
Produced by Sean Clifford
Directed by Salvia

“Big Money Salvia City Theme” by Hot Dad http://www.youtube.com/HotDad

Gentleman Erik Intro Pic by http://www.twitter.com/SentientPizzaB



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  1. Your ads remind me of when my teacher would give me a writing assignment and she would give us four or five key words we had to include in the sentence then give us free range on our writing assignment. I always had a lot of fun with those but my parents and councilors thought I was a "troubled child" but I never minded that because what momma doesn't know won't hurt her.
    Ps. Tower 7 rhymes with Kevin and Devan..who the f are Kevin and Devan?

  2. It's so sad that the first karen was actually harrassed and threatened by that man. She ended up needing to leave the country because she was constantly harrassed on social media and doxxed. Lost her job and dog because of some thug misportraying her as a racist karen.

    Hope he ends up in prison for minor marijuana possession. Hiding behind perceived racism.

  3. You goddamn Karen, I bet you can't walk into any target near you and not argue over the price of avocados because the local grocery store sells them for 10 cents less. We all know target has some great things, but prices on groceries is not one of them, yet you still argue over prices. I know types like you, I bet if I worked at subway and I told you that you would have to pay to have extra meat you would have a mental breakdown. SMH you make me sick. /s

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