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Internet Connections : How Can 2 Computers Use 1 DSL Modem?

In order for two computers to use one DSL modem, additional hardware is needed in the form of another router or a wireless router. Eliminate the need for a wireless Internet router with help from a computer specialist in this free video on Internet connections.

Expert: Mike Rickert
Bio: Mike Rickert has been working in the computer industry in different capacities since 1995.
Filmmaker: Abiy Engida


Giới thiệuThúy Navi

Thúy Navi 26 tuổi đam mê du lịch, công nghệ,đang sống và làm việc tại Hà Nội. Founder,Blogger tại Website: http://www.internetviettelnhatrang.com/

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  1. I have a computer that has internet and a router connected to it upstairs and in my basement i just have a computer that i want to connect to the same modem upstairs. Do I need another router downstairs to connect to the one upstairs? If so, how do I do that? please help.

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