Internet Enabled Cat Feeder powered by Arduino

My cats are having fun with my homemade Arduino-Based automatic catfeeder with Ethernet shield, which can be triggered manually via a internet form, via push button or automatically at defined times (e.g. early in the morning) via cron job.

When the cat feeder is triggered, a short melody rings out – in the meantime our cats are conditioned to that sound 😉

You can find more informations and some photos about the machine on my website at http://www.klomp.de/index.php/catfeeder – thanks Matt Hand now also in English.

The feeder is inspired by Mathew J. Newtons catfeeder, which is powered by a Cisco switch. You can find his website here: http://www.newtonnet.co.uk/catfeeder/

Music: “Wildcat” from Ratatat


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  1. Hi, I'm trying to make a treat dispenser for a client of mine of is a quadriplegic. I just got an Arduino Uno board Rev3 & Capacitive touch breakout board AT42 & Motorshield V2 kit I'm not sure of what basic steps I need to take to program the board to tell the servo motor to rotate 1/4 turn Can you give me some step by step instruction to wire and program the board or tell me what tutorial I should go to. [email protected] I'm a Beginner!!

  2. Hey Jan,

    I'm looking to copy this design roughly but I'm really not sure where to get hold of the gear motor Matthew mentions on his site. The only 2.25 Nm (25 kg-cm) motors I can find are like £150!! Any advice on where you got yours and what rating you used would be really helpful. Thanks 😀

  3. I just love this!!! My ex-wife is always on me to get me to feed her two cats when she's away, and that is quite often. I would therefore like to copy it, if I may? However, I am not very familiar with Arduino and would greatly appreciate a parts list. Do you have any plans to publish something like this?

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