Internet ERUPTS Over Psaki's Response to Fauci Cancelling Christmas

The internet ERUPTED when Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki had a weak response to Dr. Fauci trying to cancel Christmas. WATCH Psaki freak out when reporter compares Biden to Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ymonVj0P_c

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  1. “…they have not changed their guidelines about who can gather…”

    Is there not one actual journalist in that room? Not one decent, ethical human being who can stop her right there and say “What?!! Who can gather? How do you think you can dictate to us (with that incessant fucking smirk on your face) what we can do? Or refuse to do?”

  2. Let’s not dumb down the language for the American public. When I went to school, spending more money to repair bad credit has to be paid by someone and usually it’s always the taxpayer. It’s absurd to try and make us believe spending trillions more to pay for trillions of already established debt is a dead end for the future generations.

  3. "Let's not dumb it down for the American people ". How arrogant can one be? Let's talk in riddles to avoid any substantive reply to a simple question. Or maybe just circle back, or refer you to a hapless governmental agency who is even more clueless than us.

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