Internet ERUPTS When Biden Invites Child Up Front and Gets a Little Too Close

The internet erupted yesterday after Biden had another creepy moment getting a little too close to one of the children at a White House event. WATCH Ted Cruz expose Biden’s ATF pick for his racist history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsPZ5rr7msg

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  1. Forget Cuomo……this man is the "Pervert of the United States". Not one person removes that little girl from his grasp? Where is the mother/father??? What are they thinking? Senator Amy Klobushar, you should have put that female in front of you in your arms to protect her. You are a disgrace of a woman. Who cares he's the prez-in name only. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!!!!!

  2. The question posed by @BlazeTV is the wrong question ( "WHY DOES HE KEEP DOING THIS?!?" ). It should be "why is he still in office?". There is PLENTY of documented, video evidence of him going beyond being "the creepy uncle". When we can't enforce the rules and laws equally, "We the People" have lost control.

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