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  1. Hey Eli, I have been following you for nearly 9 years now. I remember my first job, i kinda used the way unexplained the CSS and html terms and also the different hacking terms. These days your vedio lacks the teaching abilities, can we get some real vedios of you teaching different technology in your way? For example AWS and its components or may be some cloud topics docker, containers etc

  2. Turn over information to the government… It probably is a state agent running the website. Also the state doing the man in the middle attacks or using FISA courts orders to forces VPN companies to hand over user data with a gag order preventing them from going public about it.

    You could say it's not the VPN company keeping you data. They delete all their logs it the NSA friends and etc who are holding on to it. Thankfully government is pretty inept by nature of being a monopoly that keeps it's existence going by force so they likely don't know how to use the data they have in meaningful ways (problem is they might contract a company that knows what they are doing and has a more successful record than every three letter deep state organization.)

  3. It cracks me up how many other YouTubers are advertising these vpn’s like it’s going to actually protect their privacy and not even considering the fact that it is a ploy for the government to further spy on us , cuz you know parents are terrorisms if they are concerned about their children’s welfare.

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