Internet Kingpin: The Hunt for the Genius Behind the Silk Road

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This is Ross Ulbriet, he’s the founder of the Silk Road. The first online marketplace on the darkweb where you could buy and sell anything. The site went so viral that by age 28, Ross was on track to become a billionaire within just two years.

This is INTERNET KINGPIN: The Epic Rise & Fall of the Mastermind Behind the Silk Road. A story that spans multiple continents, filled with lots, and lots, and lots of money

Ross Ulbricht grew up in Austin, Texas in the late 80s and 90s. His father taught Ross how to think through every side of an argument. And his mother gave up her dream of becoming a journalist to bet everything on her golden son becoming successful.

Ross became obsessed with Libertarianism. And at one school debate, Ross argued that drugs – all drugs should be legalized. That not only is it not the government’s right to tell people what they can and can’t put in their bodies, and that legalizing drugs would actually make society safer. Ross won that debate.

Ross seemingly tried everything. He started a video game company, an investment fund, did odd jobs on Craigslist, but nothing was working. But then an idea struck him: an anonymous website where you can buy and sell anything.

And by 2009, the anonymous browser, Tor, was already a thing, and the last missing piece of technology Ross would need was released: Bitcoin

Ross started working on what would become the Silk Road. It was basically the equivalent of building eBay or Amazon on your own, without any knowledge, experience, or funding. But little by little, the site came together. Being that the Silk Road would end up generating him around $80m in fees, this original $17,000 investment would give him a staggering half-a-million-percent ROI.

It’s been around half a year since Ross first started working on the Silk Road, and today, it was finally time for opening day. Ross had essentially done the work of a 12 person startup.

And by March 2011, two months into business, Ross had already made a few thousand dollars in revenue.
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  1. Get 10% OFF my favorite nootropic, Genius Consciousness, with code JAKETRAN here: https://thegeniusbrand.com/jaketran
    Caya from Slidebean cut his hand filming that collab. He’s given blood for the Tran Mafia. Go subscribe to them and check out “The Influencer Economy” video I’m featured in here: https://jake.yt/slidebean
    [the video is currently in production, turn on bell notifications for them to get notified when it goes live!]

  2. i really think this is childish you know. ego driven. but i think the one that made men laugh the hardest is the part that in the library one of the agent seize the laptop like some kind of thieve and the other one cursing in library as hard as he can just to grab his attention LOL. i imagine this scenario in children starred comedy drama and not real life. i mean i "believe" there is no other way to get his attention

  3. weed stores in denver get robbed a lot so yeah legalizing weed didnt reduce crime, it just transferred it to a different crime. more assaults and murders cause alcohol. and the mob still exist. they just kidnap and sell your kids as sex slaves instead of bootlegging. so legalize everything and there wont be crime is far off

  4. There has been a similar case in Germany, a website named Shiny Flakes, it was actually operated in the regular web not the deep web. The owner was 18-20 years old while running it, however it wasn't a marketplace, he shipped the drugs by himself from his childhood bedroom at home. When he got caught the police seized 1000 kilograms of drugs in his room, he was only sentenced to seven years, tho was released after four years and seven months on parole. The us justice system is so different haha.
    Btw: He was caught because of his supplier not through tracking him down in the internet.

  5. Not getting why drugs was censored on the video clips… but tran said it uncensored a few dozen times throughout the video.

    That said…. I'm all for libertarianism. Hell, Ron Paul is the only politician who actually perked my ears up and actually started caring about politics – to a degree. He's a politician that made LOGICAL sense for once – a rarity in both society but especially someone working in DC.

    That said. Libertarianism isn't about a lawless society. That's anarchism. I'd classify ulbricht more as an anarchist than libertarian. He KNOWINGLY was breaking the law – and didn't care with the sole admitted purpose of making money. I believe he said he wanted to be a billionaire by 30. By any means necessary I guess. He can cloak his motives behind his "revolutionary" excuses but fact is – like all drug dealers – making easy money was the driving factor.

    THAT said…. do I think he deserves TWO life sentences +40 (I'll never understand why they sentence people to more than 1 life sentence…. an example of our socially acceptable ILLOGICAL society) – fuck no. But I'd say 20 years without parole suits the crime. And it was a crime…. and he knew it. And pretty much antagonized the law about it. Fact of the matter is this. There will be NO societal change for GOOD so long as government is allowed to keep growing and congressional term limits continue to be unrestrained. Unfortunately there's a mainstream party – Democrats – who have millions of useful idiots naively voting for the exact opposite. More government. More government control of their lives. Less freedom. I mean leftists actually nowadays are spinning "freedom" as being selfish. They're pro socialism for fucks sake despite it having nothing but failure in its history. And this is a mainstream political platform and movement. I mean anyone with even a moderate political take let alone a conservative or right/ libertarian opinion….. is oppressed…. openly. Their social media accounts are either removed or at the very least demonitized. Our former PRESIDENT for fucks sake is banned from Twitter. And this guy thinks he can sling dope online. Baby steps, bro. Baby steps. Let's just try and knock the stupid out of the useful idiots' heads first and get them to realize…. they're voting for the problem and making the problem bigger…. MUCH bigger. Then go and wave the flag of personal choice and liberty. That one should be allowed to do whatever they want to or put into their own body. It's so poetic that it was Schumer – Democrat – who led this charge. Same party that's trying to convince the masses there's more than 2 genders and it's perfectly "sane" for a dude to chop off his junk – do what he wants to his own body – and call himself a her now. So – you can do whatever and put whatever you want into your body – so long as Dems/ government are seeing some revenue from it or will gain a voter following if they support the cause. Funny thing is…. most dopes doing dope I know – are leftists. So it's a classic example of the left eating their own foot as the saying goes. But…. because they're dopes – they'll keep voting their Dems into office. Then wonder why life isn't getting any better for themselves and actually getting worse. They're too stupid to realize it's because they're voting FOR the massive system.

    Went on a bit of a rant here. My bad. But I'm just thinking of the days if old when musicians used to be so strongly anti-"the man." Now pretty much EVERY celebrity, musician or otherwise, is pretty much a spokesperson for far leftist/ Democrat/ socialist/ communist ideology and pro MASSIVE government. Just like how notoriously racist Democrats fooled black America for voting for them to the tune of 90-95%…. they're now working on white America…. by convincing them they're the problem and to fix the problem they need to be overly sympathetic to "marginalized" groups of people. And in the age of social media – idiots are all too eager to play the "I'm more sanctimonious than you" game. It's nauseating. All of it. The most annoying thing is these people act like their smart and wise or cringier yet – "woke." When modern leftists couldn't be any dumber or asleep. Well…. each passing day I'm usually jaw agape because the left usually says or proposes something even dumber. So…. they can get dumber. Unfortunately. I do laugh when they say how "oppressed" they are…. despite having a national media eager to get them on their platform…. to tell their story to the country and the world…. on how…. oppressed?… they are? I don't know.. it makes sense to them but, again, it's because they're idiots and don't understand the meaning of oppressed… and countless other words they grossly misuse and overuse on the daily.

    I'm done.

  6. Ross is a revolutionary, there is no way in hell he should be in prison for life, and I think it’s wrong that judges can make an example out of somebody by giving them a more harsh and cruel punishment than others. Truly ask yourself what is the American dream? Freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and the ability to do, become, and live however you please so long as you aren’t hurting another human. I

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