Internet Nostalgia

We all think the past was simpler…but really we’re just growing up.

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Back in the later 2000s / early 2010s, I used to think that the internet couldn’t get any better. It was unironically a super fun place to escape the world and laugh at dumb memes like Nyan Cat (when you’re younger everything is funny). And, in hindsight, I was totally correct lol. The internet got much worse in my opinion. Everything has become incredibly corporate and sanitized. Creators can barely compete with giants like talk show hosts because of their overwhelming budgets. Memes are no longer fun…creators just spam the same meme with slightly different variations every week and then kill it off. Instead of having a good laugh at something nowadays, people like Twitter users just spam threats to harass anybody to disagrees with them. Gosh I miss the old internet…oh well, I’m probably just extremely biased and seeing the past in rose colored glasses.


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  1. Even though wasnt even born before 2010, i still feel like i had nostalgia. Most of the stuff i had was in that video.
    and now, 2020 – 2021. Horrible years. Everything is wrong now. Real Life, even apps. I just want every thing to be back to normal.
    I just wanna play my Wii and 3DS again..

  2. The description is what really makes everything nostalgic,not because everything was really better but we were just kids and because we lived in a different era.We are just grown now.
    Who is born after 2010,one day,will feel nostalgic for these days where instead we don't feel that happy anymore.

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