Internet on the Go Mobile Hotspot (3G) Device Review

This Mom is totally loving having wifi access WHEREVER we go now!! This Internet on the Go Mobile Hotspot device is available exclusively at Walmart and what a deal this is! No Contract, no sign up fees, no activation fee, only a one time purchase price of $80! Best part of this deal is that the data you purchase doesn’t expire! So if you just use it at your leisure until it runs out and then refill with the data package of your choice!

$10 – 500 MBs
$25 – 1.5 GBs
$45 – 3 GBs

This is great for long trips in the car when wifi is so desperately needed, as well as for families who want to have some internet access at home without paying a high monthly bill to an internet service provider.


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  1. DO NOT BUY From trucomm/ internet on the go …. they charged me 5 times on auto fill when the unit was off. and charged me a total of $153 for about 2 hours of use. I called and got no refund,,, supervisor said they didn't have a record of my usage but if I was charged i must have use the GB's … I paid for 9GB and had less than 2 hours surfing craigslist…. and I never authorised the auto reload……………. Walmart dropped Internet on the go because of all the problems they were having with overcharges

  2. When I purchased this they said my data would not expire if I used it at least once a year. They changed their policy shortly thereafter and it must be used once every 60 days. They didn't bother to notify me so there went my first purchase of data. Bye Bye.

    So later, I actually purchased an abundance of data because I was going through chemo at the time and thought I would want to use my tablet during treatment. At some point, my battery died and while I waited for a new one my 60 days passed without me accessing the data. There went all my data. Did they care. NO!

    Does it work, yes. But only if you have data available to use on your account that hasn't been wiped out by some random policy that forces you to buy more and more or throw the thing away (which is where mine is).

  3. Sorry but this is a bad bad idea…$80 then $45 for 3gigs?! Not to mention it's a 3G device… you can get 4G hotspot device for $25 and 10gigs for $35! No to mention if you already have a smart phone plan from your carrier u already have an internet hotspot called your phone!…that you can share with others.

  4. I was satisfied with this product till today. The last card I purchased was 2gb for 45 dollars, previously they were 3gb. they no longer say on the card how much actual data is included. they decreased the data by 33% and charged the same amount. Pretty shady the way they did it. I'm annoyed and I won't be using this company again.

  5. Does everyone here gushing about IOTG work for IOTG? They have decreased their data usage by 50% since their inception. I used to get 4 Gb for $45. Today I get 2 Gb for $45. That is not customer friendly at all. That is anti-customer at best. How anyone can try to convince others that a 50% decrease in value is a good thing obviously has an ulterior motive.

  6. I bought one yesterday. the hotspot works awesome is faster than my home Wi-Fi, why I bought one of these because Windstream said our Internet will be down until early 2016, and there is no other Internet provider out in are area. The thing is super fast comparing it to Windstream's DSL. But I was not happy with Walmart, they said $10 would get you 500 MB, $25 will get you 1.5 GB and $45 will get you 3 GB. And they said your date it will never expire as long as you use it one time a year. Walmart never updates anything on the * site, don't listen to it liars.

    The plan for this hotspot is more like this $10 would get you 300 MB, $25 will get you 1.0 GB and $45 will get you 2 GB. And they said your date it will never expire as long as you use at least 1 MB every 60 days. The tech-support is pretty good to, it's got Windstream and TracFone tech-support beet, but I couldn't really hear the guy the audio quality wasn't that good but tech-support guy new what he was doing. I am using this hotspot to post this comment because it is May 23 2015 and I have no Internet until 2016, LoL, * Windstream! Time Warner Cable please come Down Our Rd., will pay you $45 for 5 Mbps, we pay Windstream that for 0.65 Mbps.

    Overall if you don't use huge amounts of data and and if you're not going to use it 24/7/365 this is the perfect hotspot for you! The speed I got out of it was about 3.5 Mbps download and 0.75 Mbps upload. The $80 device is Bill well and works very good, high-quality. Thanks for reading my comment.

  7. I love you! And nice review. Ya I started looking into mobile hot spots and this seems the best so far since the data can carry over. I highly recommend for anyone that don't do lot of heavy downloading. I stop using my straight talk. It 45 $ a month but I only used it for internet. Rarely use for phone call. I really wanna get the internet to go since I facebook, etc mostly. Ya I cant wait to get mines tomorrow:) ty

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