Is the Milk Crate Challenge the Greatest Internet Challenge? Ft DeRay Davis | KFC Radio Full Episode

– Vegas is a giant skillet
– Summer Slam Recap – Wrestling is one of the most fun sports to watch
– Feits vs a flight attendant
– A ridiculous Vegas restaurant experience
– is the Crate Challenge the greatest internet trend?
– Top 5 Internet Challenge
– Voicemails
– webbed feet
– sexts vs multiple plates
– Jackie’s Mom vs Crows
01:33:09 DeRay Davis on partying, Kanye West, Music, Soulmates and much more

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  1. Dude when I was a server I hated when the hostesses were assholes to the costumers. They would make ppl wait like 45 minutes and be a dick about it so as soon as the ppl sit down at the table they're already pissed off and take it out on the server. Shit sucked big time

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