is this available? (attorney general) – internet drama part 1

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Good evening, is this available?
(Yes it is)
Please leave me alone, we are sleeping
No more contacting please. Thanks. Appreciate
(You contacted me)

I know, I no longer interested. Please stop contacting me now
I will contact attorney general if you do not stop


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  1. But in all honestly tho, the person should have just stopped contacting them and just left them alone like wtf why did he/she try to start something… people find different things to buy all the time or change there mind like all the time, just because they contacted you before don’t mean they still want it… but I don’t see what was so wrong with her saying to not contact no more cause she was sleeping… because the person clearly wouldn’t stfu and just continued to go on and on and on instead of just to contacting them, it’s like you messaging someone not to message back and they go “but why” or some bs like dude…. just leave the person alone

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