Jim Cornette on Spectrum Cable & Internet

From Episode 220 of Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru

Artwork by Travis Heckel!

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  1. You leave High people alone, spectrum is your problems!
    Seems like they need some high employees so they can actually get the work done😅
    Realistically Jim is on a spectrum also cuz there's no way in hell he would remember all this stuff without some kind of OCD or ADD LOL

  2. These are hilarious to listen to. The biggest problem I have with spectrum cable is getting my guide to come up so I know what's on. It always tells me it's "unavailable" at this time. It goes into mini guide but it's so small you can't read it. Hopefully you have great eyesight. I also have trouble getting my DVR'd programs to pop up so it's hard to watch those. I can't imagine even trying to order a PPV or a movie.🤣😒

  3. Have to say that I have had Spectrum internet since they bought out Time Warner a few years ago and I'm not unhappy with what I get, I pay $70 a month for internet that's fast enough to stream 4k movies to several TVs at once with no buffering, Plus no extra charge for the modem and at least for now no data limit

  4. Lol I worked there all 2021. Its what we do. You ask for internet/hsd an we push TV, voice, & mobile untill you hang up lol or buy it. Look up Tyler Parker & Justin Ekin in Columbus ohio. They are supervisors an coach they're teams of agents to do this. Or they force you to quit lol by micromanaging of your calls. Mary Browder & Rhonda run the whole building though…..in other words get internet only or RUNNNN lol

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