KUSOZAKO INTERNET STRIKES BACK!? || Moona Hoshinova first debut Highlight [hololive-ID]

WATAME PTSD!? Don’t worry, she’s streaming from the Moon afterall

jokes aside, she really did a good job even though it’s her first stream.
looking forward to her next stream!

feel bad because the stream cut-off at very last when she reads the donation 🙁

Moona ch : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP0BspO_AMEe3aQqqpo89Dg
twitter : https://twitter.com/moonahoshinova

ara ara~


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  1. it's not your screen that stopped, but her stream.
    after Korone v2, now Watame v2!?!? is this YAGOO's plan afterall?!?!?!

    don't worry about her English kinda screwed up there, she didn't even speak B. Indonesia properly due to nervousness 😮

    it's good thing to seen most of viewers are understanding her condition yesterday tho, I'm happy.
    kinda late for subbing this, because I'm not sleeping for a day after Risu's stream rumput

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